Welcome to the Clinique Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic, a chiropractor clinic located in Moncton, NB. We are a health care facility specializing in chiropractic care, including corrective and rehabilitative therapy, Bioflex laser therapy, neuroanatomical acupuncture, massage therapy, as well as foot and orthotic care.

The Robichaud Levesque clinic’s greatest priority is providing quality and evidence based care to our patients. We pride ourselves on educating our patients, improving their overall health, accommodating their needs, and empowering them with the tools required to remain pain free.

The staff of the Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic is fully committed to offering quality care in combination with the latest technology in chiropractic and laser therapy to help our patients achieve pain relief, optimal healing and improved physical well being results as quickly as possible in order to enjoy an improved quality of life. Our Story »