About the Clinic

ClinicWelcome to the Clinique Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic, a state-of-the-art chiropractic and Bioflex laser treatment facility located at 5 Flanders Court in Moncton. A multi-disciplinary centre committed to the delivery of healing therapies in chiropractic treatment, the clinic features corrective and rehabilitative care, neuroanatomical acupuncture, massage therapy, and orthotic care among its wide range of treatment options.

Renowned for employing the use of the most innovative therapeutic technologies on the market today, Clinique Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic has pioneered the use of the Bioflex Laser System in Moncton and has recently acquired the Spine-Align System to address spinal related mechanical dysfunction. Drs Robichaud and Lévesque were awarded the 2013 Meditech International Laser Practitioners of the Year Award.

Our History

Established in 1986, the Clinique Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic formerly occupied premises on Church Street. It was the acquisition of the Meditech Bioflex Laser System in 2010 that revolutionized the practice of Dr. Robichaud and Dr. Lévesque resulting in the need for the recent expansion in their move to a beautiful new clinic at their present location, 5 Flanders Court. “As a direct result of the incorporation of the Bioflex Laser System into our clinic, we have increased our scope of practice to include patients for whom chiropractic care would have been contraindicated or for patients who would normally have fallen outside of the usual chiropractic care regimen”. This has led to a dramatic growth in the practice in general and requiring the staff to triple.

The Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic is well situated in the heart of Moncton, and is easily accessed by residents from all three communities of Moncton, Dieppe, and Riverview. The services of a team of nine, under the direction of Drs Levesque and Robichaud, complete the staff.

Clinique Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic works in tandem with other medical and paramedical disciplines, taking referrals and encouraging people to come in for a consultation. “We recognize the value of utilizing a combination of treatment methods to obtain a desired result, and we work in association with other disciplines from the various fields of orthopaedics, physiotherapy, orthotics, and more, in order to obtain the best results for our patients,” says Dr. Lévesque.

Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic is a complete family practice, encompassing the treatment of every age demographic, from children to seniors. Together, Dr Levesque and Robichaud have devoted more then a half century of combined years of experience and expertise to the health and well-being of area residents, bringing a unique blend of impeccable credentials, and caring to their patients.