Dr. Marie-Josée Robichaud


Dr. Marie-Josée Robichaud made her career choice in junior high. Being exposed to chiropractic while growing up shaped her approach to health care early on. The family has counted as many as 12 chiropractors both in her immediate family, including her father and 2 brothers and extended family. Dr. Robichaud initially studied at l’Université de Moncton before moving on to earn a doctorate degree in Chiropractic Science from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. In the fulfilment of a dream to offer relief and care to patients in need, Dr. Robichaud joined her father’s practice on Church Street in Moncton, which had become a well-known centre for mentoring many area chiropractors who have gone on to carve out careers for themselves across Canada. Here, Dr. Robichaud spent 25 years conducting a family-oriented practice, concentrating on a bio-mechanical type model.

A specialist in Neuroanatomical Acupuncture, Dr. Robichaud explored the use of laser bio-simulation as a result of some patients’ reluctance to undergo needle acupuncture. This she utilized in conjunction with the more traditional form of needle acupuncture. In early 2008, Dr. Robichaud introduced the use of the Bioflex Laser System to the practice, pioneering the use of this cutting-edge technology in the Greater Moncton Area. This system revolutionized the practice which, in tandem with that of her associate, Dr. Lévesque, resulted in an increased patient volume precipitating a move to more spacious accommodations at 5 Flanders Court in Moncton in 2011. With a finger always on the pulse of new technologies in the chiropractic field, Dr. Marie-Josie Robichaud’s vision has led to a state-of-the-art facility employing the latest in equipment, including the Spine Align System. Dr Robichaud was awarded 2013 Meditech International Laser Practitioner of the Year.

Dr. Robichaud is the Co-Clinical Director of Clinique Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic, a position she shares with her husband, Dr. Lévesque. Together, this couple form the perfect catalyst to enhance each other’s specialities, with each of them bringing a unique perspective to the practice, not just in skill sets, talents, and practicalities, but in the scope and vision that has resulted in the unique facility they have created together.

Clinique Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic has made a name for itself in providing high quality service, and in seeking to improve chiropractic techniques and technology at the clinic, Dr. Robichaud not only maintains her education on an ongoing basis through membership to the CCA and the NBCA, but both she and Dr. Lévesque attend regular seminars and courses in their respective fields of expertise.

As committed to her career as Dr. Robichaud is, she is also devoted to her family life. She is a proud mother of two children, Martin and Mireille. Dr. Robichaud also enjoys the arts, and the relaxation that indulging in painting brings to her otherwise busy life.