Can Laser help in the treatment of hip pain?

Hip pain has long been a disabling problem in society causing suffering of recurrent to chronic pain with basically limited resources for relief. The hip joint is basically a ball and socket type joint that attaches the thigh to the pelvis. Articular cartilage covers the joint surfaces and allows the bones to move within the joint with less friction.

Just like other joint cartilage, these areas can wear away and cause pain. The joint Muscle capsule is made of thick bands of tissue that surround the hip Tendon joint. These, along with the Ball covered surrounding muscles, tendons with cartilage (head of the and ligaments amongst other thigh bone) connective tissues, help in maintaining joint stability, Thighbone holding the joint together while allowing movement.

Also within the hip complex are fluid filed sacs called bursas that help glide muscles and tendons more easily over bony prominences, all of which can be a source of hip pain. Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of hip pain in people over 50, however, other types of arthritis can be present.

Aside from joint pain, other sources of pain can be referred to the hip, meaning that while the hip hurts, the problem may potentially originate from elsewhere. For example, inflammation of the sciatic nerve as it arises from the spinal cord can cause hip pain. Other type of nerve inflammation such as irritation of the lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh may also be a source of pain often associated with pregnancy.

Other causes of hip pain include; contusions (bruises), along with sprains and strains that may occur as a result of trauma, and even though there is no broken bone, theses injuries can still be very painful. Overuse injuries in which muscles, tendons and ligaments can become inflamed due to routine daily activities are also known causes of hip pain as well. Consequently, along with traditional treatment, laser therapy is fast becoming a treatment of choice in the treatment of hip related disorders and can also be used effectively Socket lines in combination with with cartilage physiotherapy or chiropractic amongst others.

Class 3 Laser therapy enhances the recovery process of viable tissues from injury and/or arthritis at the hip, as well as other joints and Pelvic Bone conditions as well. The Bioflex Laser System in particular is a highly sophisticated therapeutic device that combines the potential benefits of low laser with super luminous diodes for the effective treatment of many medical conditions.

The laser has both a cellular and systemic effect, activating a variety of mechanisms including cartilaginous regeneration, DNA synthesis and improved circulation, and has both an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory effect, all this without no known side effect. Class 3 laser therapy is clearly becoming entrenched as a reliable alternative to more aggressive intervention, or as an additional therapy to enhance the effectiveness of various forms of treatments.