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Why do I Continue to Suffer From Back Pain?

This issue is dedicated towards the subject of back pain. One needs to understand basic biomechanical and structural principles such as; The Three Joint Complex and the Three Phases of the Degenerative Process. The Three Joint Complex Each spinal motion segment (vertebrae) is composed of three joints, two synovial posterior facet joints and an interveterbral disc. […]

Is Scoliosis a Problem?

The term “scoliosis” is derived from the Greek word “skolios”, meaning twisted or crooked. Within the disciplines of orthopaedics and radiology, scoliosis means any lateral deviation (curve) of the spine. Scoliosis can be detected at different ages and has different causes. A “Structural scoliosis” is a lateral curvature that is fixed and which fails to […]


The New Medical and Chiropractic Consensus

Until the 1990’s there was surprisingly little research or agreement on how best to manage patients with acute and chronic back pain. The medical and chiropractic professions had fundamentally different approaches to management in terms of principles, as well as diagnostic and treatment methods. Other issues such as history and lack of time and opportunity […]