Spine Align System

Spine AlignThe Spine Align System, the newest in the clinic’s arsenal of treatment tools, is a computerized chiropractic adjusting device, which has both an analytical as well as a therapeutic function, in other words the instrument helps the doctor assess the spine as well treat the patient in a precise, effective and gentle manner.

The Spine Align System enables the practitioner to analyze the spine function using a sophisticated FDA approved instrument, treat the dysfunctional area and then reanalyze. This provides pre and post data which is very beneficial while overseeing the patient’s course of care. It provides a method to track treatment progression that is precise and gentle, as well as providing the patient with a visible scan of their spinal joint function on a computer monitor.

Spine Align ScreenWith this technology, musculoskeletal conditions can be managed by increasing range of motion, eliminating fixation and improving functional capacity of patients through specific mobilization techniques assisted by the instrument in a precise and reproducible manner.

This allows for a computer assisted quantitative assessment of spinal joint function. This FDA approved computer assisted device measures 4 components of motion pertinent to the segments of the spine (vertebrae). Through the means of an electrical stimulation, it accurately measures the frequency of oscillation (motion) between vertebras, while at the same time it establishes an accurate picture of mobility and motoricity between vertebrae as well this provides the doctor of chiropractic with a computer-assisted diagnostic tool, and the patient with a visible scan of their spinal joint function.

From a therapeutic perspective, this technology allows the doctor to treat the patient, using a less forceful adjustment that does not require twisting and rotation manoeuvers of the spine. The patient is treated in a comfortable way without the need to turn or hyperextend parts of the body, head or neck.

Neurologically, the Spine Align Instrument takes advantage of the interplay of the type 1, 2, and 3 mechanreceptors with the type 4 nociceptors creating an inhibition of pain, increasing neuroactivity and restoration of normal nervous system tone.

The  Spine Align Instrument is very comfortable for patients of all ages due to the fact that there is no application of manual rotation or thrusting forces. Patients with contra-indications to manual procedures or for those who are apprehensive towards standard chiropractic procedures will find that this technology provides a safe and effective option in the treatment of many spinal related conditions, and greatly reduces any issues associated with osteoporosis, vertebral artery conditions or other concerns that more aggressive techniques might not address.

Soft Tissue conditions such as trigger points respond well to the percussion forces of the Spine Align System, which also has a specific soft tissue function that measures the degree of muscular resistance.

In summary, this technology has provided the means to increase the objectivity of the evaluation and has permitted the opportunity to treat a wider variety of patients who otherwise would not have considered chiropractic care as a therapeutic option.

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