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Shoulder mobility/ Involve your scapula

Involving the scapula (shoulder blade) while performing arm exercises or acivities of daily living is essential to achieve safe and functional shoulder mobility. This is applicable within all shoulder ranges of motion whether pulling/pushing/thnrowing/rowing… * * * L’implication de l’omoplate lors d’exercices des bras ou d’activités de la vie quotidienne est essentielle pour obtenir une […]


Whether recovering from an injury or simply trying to be a better person setting goals can help guide you to success. Goals should be SMART: Specific/ Measurable/ Attainable/ Relevant/ Time bound. Writing down goals and breaking big goals into many smaller goals can help motivate you to achieve your desired result.

Muscular Adaptation

Muscles will adapt to the stimulus they are subjected to. 4 main factors influence this: Range of motion Speed of activation Load Number of repetitions

Shoulder Stability Exercises

Kettlebells are excellent tools that can be used in a wide variety of settings to increase strength, as well as, proprioception. The three exercises above can be implemented to increase shoulder joint congruency throughout complex movements, therefore reducing pain and dysfunction associated with movements of the shoulder. These exercises shoulder be completed within tissue tolerance […]

What is the Bioflex Laser System and how does it compare with other laser systems?

The Bioflex Laser System is a highly sophisticated therapeutic device that combines the potential benefits of low laser with super luminous diodes for the effective treatment of many medical disorders. Developed and engineered by Meditech International Incorporated. The Bioflex system represents the decade’s most significant technological advancement in Low Intensity Laser Therapy. Thermal versus Low […]