Shoulder mobility/ Involve your scapula

Involving the scapula (shoulder blade) while performing arm exercises or acivities of daily living is essential to achieve safe and functional shoulder mobility. This is applicable within all shoulder ranges of motion whether pulling/pushing/thnrowing/rowing…
L’implication de l’omoplate lors d’exercices des bras ou d’activités de la vie quotidienne est essentielle pour obtenir une mobilité de l’épaule sûre et fonctionnelle. Ceci s’applique à tous les mouvements de l’épaule, que ce soit en tirant / poussant / en ramenant / ramant …

Overloading tissue to create adaptation


Whether recovering from an injury or simply trying to be a better person setting goals can help guide you to success. Goals should be SMART: Specific/ Measurable/ Attainable/ Relevant/ Time bound. Writing down goals and breaking big goals into many smaller goals can help motivate you to achieve your desired result.

Muscular Adaptation

Muscles will adapt to the stimulus they are subjected to. 4 main factors influence this:

  • Range of motion
  • Speed of activation
  • Load
  • Number of repetitions

Shoulder Stability Exercises

Kettlebells are excellent tools that can be used in a wide variety of settings to increase strength, as well as, proprioception. The three exercises above can be implemented to increase shoulder joint congruency throughout complex movements, therefore reducing pain and dysfunction associated with movements of the shoulder. These exercises shoulder be completed within tissue tolerance for 8-12 repetitions each, for 2 sets.

What is the Bioflex Laser System and how does it compare with other laser systems?

The Bioflex Laser System is a highly sophisticated therapeutic device that combines the potential benefits of low laser with super luminous diodes for the effective treatment of many medical disorders. Developed and engineered by Meditech International Incorporated. The Bioflex system represents the decade’s most significant technological advancement in Low Intensity Laser Therapy.

Thermal versus Low Intensity Laser Therapy

High power or thermal lasers can produce a substantial amount of heat. This destructive potential makes high power lasers a key player in industrial applications such as cutting and welding. Thermal laser combines power and precision and for these reasons is widely used in surgical practice. Unlike thermal lasers, the low intensity laser beam is ‘soft power” and does not produce heat. Red and infra-red lasers with outputs in the range of 25-250 mW belong in this category and are considered to be athermal. Low Intensity Laser Therapy initiates and stimulates many beneficial physiological processes within the cell. In essence it promotes the healing of damaged cells which makes it applicable in the therapy of many different pathologies. Moreover, it is nondestructive with regard to the target tissue.

How does Bioflex compare with other conventional treatments?

For many years, rehabilitation therapies, including ultrasound, inferential current, TENS, amongst others have been used extensively throughout the world to treat pain and stimulate the healing process. Unlike the Bioflex Laser technology, the healing effects of these treatments have at time been disappointing and studies have shown that symptom modulation occurs through transient increased circulation and release of endorphins. In contrast, the Bioflex system is able to influence the pathology directly at the cellular level, resulting in therapeutic benefits that are more profound and generally curative.

Why is Bioflex the most advanced laser system?

Never before has a laser treatment offered such sophisticated levels of accuracy, control and versatility. The flexible, multisource diode arrays exclusive to the Bioflex optical heads, can be contoured to any target tissue for maximum coverage and precise dosage delivery. The Bioflex control unit provides exceptional monitoring and adaptability, enabling the healthcare professional unlimited flexibility in the adjustment of multiple parameters to safely and accurately treat the specific needs of each individual patient. P-C-based operating software is a standard feature of Bioflex, providing the user with recommended scientifically developed and clinically tested protocols for each medical application. The Bioflex has been approved for use by the FDA and Health Canada. The CE mark of approval has also been obtained and the manufacturing standards of UL and ISO have been fully observed as well.

Why do other devices have a shorter treatment time?

It is reasonable to apply treatment for a period of time required to stimulate the cells initially in order to produce a positive clinical effect. The time factor should not be controlled by economics but rather the optimal benefit to the cells. Generally it is not appropriate to treat patients with Low Intensity Laser Therapy for 10 minutes or less, excluding dermatological lesions. Clinical research indicates that for the majority of conditions, 20-60 minutes of treatment is the optimal duration (depending on the power source of the device).

In the treatment of skeletal pathologies where considerable soft tissue involvement occurs considering the three dimensional perspective, up to an hour or more of time may be required for effective therapy. This is certainly the case with regards to the treatment of low back cases, advanced degenerative osteoarthritis and other difficult and resistant conditions.

Bioflex track record

It should be noted that over one million individual applications to date and with appropriate diagnosis; a 90% significant improvement/cure rate has been achieved. Several controlled studies have been conducted since 1996 using the Bioflex Professional System and a synopsis of these studies is available upon request. Moreover, throughout this process, no adverse effects have been observed to date. In applying the present standard of evidence-based medicine, it is clear that this system is the most advanced and sophisticated therapeutic device currently available on a global basis. The Bioflex is in use today across North America, Europe, South America and Asia. This system is being used by an increasing number of chiropractors, physiotherapists and physicians. Additionally, the Toronto Raptors, the Maple Leafs, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Miami Heat and the Canadian Ballet Company along with many others high performance athletic organizations have utilized the technology successfully as their basic platform. Also many athletes from the world of golf, hockey and tennis have also benefited from the effects of this world class therapy.